Diversity Statement

Bhutanese Community of Michigan (BCM) has a policy of complying with all relevant federal,state, and local laws and regulations relating to equal opportunity and non-discrimination inemployment.
BCM values and pursues diversity among its staff, believing strongly that employing people from diverse race, gender, cultural and ethnic backgrounds provides better perspectives on issues
that arise as we work together, mirrors the diverse populations we serve and overall makes us more effective as an organization.
BCM recognizes that racism and other “isms” have been, and continue to be, a pervasive and destructive force in our world. We are committed through staff education, confession, peer accountability, supervision, and correction to promote healing, mutual understanding and respect for every human being. BCM promotes the full realization of these efforts through a positive, continuing program of cultural competency and diversity. Steps BCM will take to achieve and maintain a diverse workforce include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Ensuring that BCM policy regarding equal employment opportunity is communicated to all employees and applicants.
  2. Ensuring that hiring, promotion and salary administration practices are fair and consistent with BCM’s policies and values.
  3. Creating an environment with opportunities to learn and grow in the area of diversity through participation in training (Congregations Organizing for Racial Reconciliation, Institute for Healing Racism, Diversity Awareness, etc.), mentorship programs, conferences (Community Diversity events, etc.).
  4. Continuously promoting an organization culture that values diversity and maximizes the productivity, creativity, and commitment of our employees in order to meet the needs of our program members, volunteers, donors and customers.
  5. Making a commitment to “Grace Based Accountability” to ensure consistency of the embracing of diversity among all employees.
  6. Making special recruitment efforts, to the extent that our staff is not diverse, consistent with state and federal law.