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Bhutanese community of Michigan (BCM) is a community organization registered in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501 c (3) non-profit entity. This organization is established to address various issues experienced by the Nepali speaking Bhutanese refugees after their resettlement in the greater Grand Rapids area. Although various steps were taken to establish the organization as early as 2008, when the first batch of refugees arrived in Michigan, the organization was formally registered in IRS and in the state of Michigan in 2014.

The primary goal of the organization is to support fellow refugees in transitioning from traumatic lives they spent in refugee camps to advanced and sophisticated US societies. In other words, the organization’s goal is to relieve and remediate “culture shock” refugees experience in their new homeland as well as to prepare them to face upcoming challenges in integration, employment, and citizenship. We believe the US society to be “salad bowl” rather than a “melting pot” when it comes to acculturation and integration. Thus, we strive to preserve our unique identity as we undergo social, educational, and cultural changes in the new society.

Currently, we are seeking community supports and grants from local, state, and federal agencies to support this vulnerable groups who are still recovering from culture shock. We have a dedicated team working around the clock to address community issues and needs. Your donations in any forms- moral, financial, or legal will be greatly appreciated.

Our team consists of a dedicated volunteers who have been working around the clock to address issues within the community. Our current team consists of 17 board members along with an Advisory board consisting of 7 members. In addition to this, our team also has been networking with volunteers across Greater Grand Rapids. Bethany Christian Services have been our partner for a long time.Similarly, the City of Kentwood, West Michigan Asian Association and various local churches have been providing us with guidance and support. We are constantly looking to build partnership with other local, state, and national agencies to better serve our community to address glaring issues within the refugee and immigrant population.

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Dr. Prakash Adhikari

Dr. Prakash Adhikari

Advisory Board

Dhan Khatiwoda

Advisory Board

Narayan Khatiwoda

Advisory Board

Jeff Hughes

Advisory Board

Minnie Morey

Advisory Board


Dhaka Timsina

Executive Director

Rabi Khanal

Board member



Dilli Gautam


Sagar Dangal

vice president

Vijay Khanal


Pabitra Bhattarai


Tulashi Dhauralai



Khada Chapagai