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Duties and Responsibilities:

The treasurer shall have the care and custody of all money belonging to the Corporation and shall be solely responsible for such monies and the security of the Corporation. He shall cause to be deposited in the regular business bank or trust company a sum not exceeding $5000 and the balance of the funds of the Corporation shall be deposited in the saving bank except (unless) the Board of Directors may cause such funds to be invested in such investments as shall be legal for nonprofit corporations in this state. He must be one of the officers who shall sign the checks and drafts of the Corporation. No special fund be set aside that shall make it unnecessary for the treasure to sign the checks issued upon it. She/He shall render at a started period as the Board of Directors shall determine a written account of the finances of the Corporation and such report shall be physically affixed to the minutes of the Board of Directors of such meeting. He shall exercise all the duties incident to the office of treasurer.


Candidate should have the following qualifications

  • Community service experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Must have a high school diploma; however, a bachelor degree or higher degree is preferred
  • should pass the state background check.
  • should have no criminal convictions.

To apply for this job please visit

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